The iChurch Method TV - Ep 10 - Ministries on Internet TV, it's happening!

Continuing The iChurch Method TV series, this week we are talking about Internet TV and how ministries can utilize it.

We have conversations about internet TV. Internet TV is accessible right now for ministries really for free. It’s a twofold approach that I lay out to them. Of course we can talk about big budgets, but initially they want to hear about the free option.

If we look at the free option, I tell them you can either look at using or If they use that to stream then they can stream to internet TV enabled devices like Roku box or Apple TV or xBox TV or even Boxee TV. Those solutions are already available today and they already have UStream channels on them, specifically the Roku box has a UStream channel on it.

When you set up your UStream live feed from your ministry then someone who has a Roku box can watch your stream for free on Roku, the UStream channel, or even on Google TV. Google TV also has internet enabled browsers where people can tune in to your live services right through their TV.

We have quite a few conversations about internet TV and where it’s going, especially in comparison to the traditional TV model where you have like a TBN or a word network and the pricing structure that’s for that. Basically once they hear that it’s free or even, we’ll say, $1000 a month or something like that, that pricing structure is much more favorable than $50,000 a week to have a half-hour show on TV.