Establish Your Organizations Online Presence One Step At A Time

Establishing your organization's online presence can appear to be a daunting task. Whether it's figuring out which Social Media platform to use, which company to build your website, what should go on a website, should you have a mobile app or mobile website, what's an internet church campus, how can we setup a way to let our users text to give and a myriad of other questions. Additionally, there are always the worries that the technology you choose will be outdated in a few months because technology is changing rapidly. Well we here at The iChurch Method, understand completely your problems and would like to help. We understand that without a plan or a digital strategy, any organization will not have the success they seek online. Here is our process to getting started.

  • Step 1: Choose Your Goals
    • Determine your online goals, what exactly do you want to do online? Are you trying to reach more people, are you trying to generate more revenue? Why exactly are you going online and who in the organization will be in charge of leading this process.  Who will make sure the content gets from departments to the website and other digital platforms? Someone has to champion the cause.
  • Step 2: Where Is Your Audience?
    •  Where is your current audience online and what online platforms does your staff/volunteers know how to use? Use analytics that you may have or just do a quick survey of where your current audience is, what platforms they use and what platforms does your team know how to use well. 
  • Step 3: Let's Start With the Website
    • Your Website is one of the most important digital ministry platforms your organization will have. Choosing what goes on there, how it is organized and what you want online viewers to do once they get to your site is more than just "creating a quick website and hoping it works". 
  • Step 4: Let's Make Giving Easy
    • Online giving is continuing to grow at a rapid pace and as people move towards more online giving methods, they want options that are easy and secure.  We can help your organization make sure it's done the right way.
  • Step 5: Multimedia is a Great Way to Engage
    • Online media is one of the most engaging forms of content on the internet, therefore using digital platforms like internet church campuses, podcasts, live streaming and more, will give your organization innovative ways to take your content and reach the world.
  • Step 6: Social Media...Yes Please
    • Social Media continues to change the way we use the internet and connect billions of people. The current and new platforms are one of the best ways to take your message and reach people on the networks they log into daily.
  • Step 7: Let's Talk Mobile
    • Studies show that in addition to being over 6 billion mobile devices around the world, we are never more than 2 feet from our devices. With people always connected online via their mobile device, your organization needs mobile solutions (web, apps, text to give, etc..) that reach people right where they are on the devices they carry with them everywhere.