2013 Top 30 Church Tech Blogs

ChurchMag Top 30 - 2013 I would first and foremost like to say thank you to Churchm.ag and their voting process for allowing The iChurch Method blog to be considered one of the Top 30 Church Tech blogs for 2013. We are very excited and realize that just a year ago the first iChurch Method book was released so this is quite the achievement in that small amount of time. As I look at the list I see people that I have networked with and people that I am looking forward to networking with to powerfully equip the Church to use technology better in so many new and exciting ways. Here is the list in case you have not seen it!

ChurchMag’s Top 30 Church Tech Blogs

  1. churchstagedesignideas.com
  2. vickybeeching.com/blog
  3. churchm.ag
  4. churchmarketingsucks.com
  5. churchjuice.com/blog
  6. dustn.tv
  7. youthministrymedia.ca
  8. 78p.tv
  9. communicatejesus.com
  10. churchtechtoday.com
  11. donteatthefruit.com
  12. christiandroid.com
  13. churchtecharts.org
  14. chipdizard.com
  15. mattmckee.me
  16. roar.pro/news
  17. faithengineer.com
  18. trinitydigitalmedia.com/blog
  19. nilssmith.com
  20. techgeekministries.com
  21. votivepraise.com
  22. socialmediachurch.net
  23. churchtechy.com
  24. godvertiser.com
  25. tecnoiglesia.com
  26. ichurchmethod.com
  27. churchwebstrategies.org
  28. jonedmiston.com
  29. geekrev.com
  30. joshburns.net/blog