We understand the importance of having a great speaker that not only educates but also entertains and captures the attention of the audience. Jason Caston has been speaking for over 5 years and continues to establish himself as an expert in the developing industry of Internet Church. As ministries and churches desire to establish themselves online, reach the world and deliver the gospel, Jason Caston continues to speak and teach innovative ways to advance organizations online using The iChurch Method.


The iChurch Method – With the variety of technologies that have emerged, the church needs to adapt and embrace these tools to advance their online presence and reach more people. Technology was once a barrier for ministries but now it is the ultimate enabler to help the gospel go to the four corners of the globe. With a five step approach, websites (interactive and easy to use), multimedia (online video and online streaming), ecommerce (online stores and online donations), social media (facebook, twitter, google+, youtube, pinterest, instragram, etc..) and mobile (websites and apps), any and every ministry can utilize the impact and reach of the new internet church.
The iChurch Method Vol. 1 – How to Advance Your Ministry Online
The iChurch Method Vol. 2 – Changing the World When You Login


Social Media for Ministry – Social Media is more that just Facebook and Twitter. In addition to Facebook and Twitter, social media consists of Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr (blogging), YouTube, Vimeo, ShareThis and a variety of other interactive tools. When these tools are used with an all inclusive strategy of what, when, how and where to distribute ministry content, the impact can be great. The ministry has a multitude of content that is produced weekly, daily and monthly and this content can be redistributed via social networks to help reach the masses online.
Social Connections: Connect With and Engage Your Audience


Internet Church Campus – Internet Church Campuses are springing up quickly and becoming a way to engage millennials and others that are not able to consistently come to your church building. As the church continues to find ways to take ministry to the people, Internet Church has become a very pivotal tool for the ministry. Likewise, Mobile Apps and the growing mobile platform has proven a great way for churches to remain connected to their members 24/7. And now, there’s a new opportunity for ministries to connect with their audiences online via Internet TV as more and more people cut the cord from traditional cable and move towards on-demand internet connected television solutions.
 The iChurch Method Volume 3 – Digital Mission Field


Church in a Mobile World – It’s time for the church to think mobile first when it comes to connecting with people online. Church members are connecting with their church from their mobile devices and staying connected on the go. As more people continue to use mobile devices anywhere, anytime and anyplace, they want to also connect with their church anywhere, anytime and anyplace. Learn strategies and methods to make sure your online presence is mobile accessible, you online giving is mobile friendly, live streaming is mobile friendly and more.
Coming Soon: Mobile Connections

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