What exactly is The iChurch Method?

The iChurch Method is simple: a method to help ministries have a global presence online. To provide digital solutions that help ministries connect to people everyday around the world. It’s a five part approach to taking your ministry online and reaching the world:

Part 1: Website – A Great Website that is Easy-to-Use. Part 2: Multimedia – Interactive Multimedia, online video and online streaming Part 3: Ecommerce – Online Stores/Online Donations. Part 4: Social Media – Engage and Connect with Facebook and Twitter Part 5: Mobile – The Future of Technology and Ministry with mobile websites and mobile apps.

With these five parts, a ministry can reach and change the world. The iChurch Method book is a MUST READ for every ministry leader who desires to have a global presence online. Caston Digital and CEO Jason Caston, created this method to help all ministries establish a global presence and utilize technology to the fullest, without having to worry about huge financial investments and hiring numerous technical specialists. As explained in the book, this method is as advanced enough for a technical expert to understand, but simple enough for a non-technical church leader to understand.

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