iChurchMethod.com is now FASTER!!

urlOver the last few months I noticed that my website was running slower, load times went from 3 seconds to 60 seconds and I could not figure out why. I tried to put on my server admin hat as well as my developer hat and went into wordpress and optimized the website, removed some plugins, setup a CDN (Content Distribution Network) with maxcdn.com and finally found the issue. The issue wasn’t anything I had done, it was my hosting company, Godaddy has failed me. Godaddy is a great hosting company to start off with but as your website grows the shared hosting plans have so many websites on each server that your site starts to slow down considerably. This is an issue for anyone whose site needs to load quickly, which should be all websites. Personally, I give websites 2 - 3 seconds to load before my A.D.D. kicks in and i’m onto something else. So how can I expect people to wait “10 internet years” for my website to load due to my hosting company overloading the servers with thousands of websites.

Well all is well now because I have migrated to Hostgator.com and my website is running very very fast, with a loading time of 1.08 seconds!!