Mobile Media is on the RISE

A major ministry I work with has been on tv for years and has millions of viewers. As we were coming up with our web strategy, we knew it was important to allow people to watch the television broadcasts on the ministry website. We figured since millions people were watching it on tv, there would thousands watching from our website. Well we were right and we were wrong. We were right in that there are thousands of people watching the website broadcast, we were wrong in thinking that it would be from our “traditional” website. The largest viewers of our broadcasts online are from the mobile website. After we setup our traditional website, we started working on a mobile website just because that was something that we thought the people might want. We had no idea how much they wanted it, and how much they would use it. And the main thing they do on the mobile website is watch live services and archived tv broadcasts.

Now I am not saying to build your entire mobile website around multimedia (people still want location, service times, contact information), but do keep in mind that with 4G internet speeds and millions of smart phones out there, multimedia is being consumed at a high rate, so provide the people with what they want and they will support the ministry.

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