Mobile Giving is on the RISE

I was at a meeting this week with a ministry I work with and we were talking about the online progress of the websites. While we were discussing this a very interesting fact was revealed, I informed them that their first ever mobile online donation came in February 2012, since then, they have received tens of thousands of dollars via their mobile website. This of course made them very happy but also confirmed how important mobile was to their online strategy. Now let’s think about this for a second, prior to January 2012 there was no mobile website. Likewise, prior to February 2012, they had never received a mobile online donation, thus this was a new revenue stream for the ministry. Stats did confirm that 30% of people that were giving via the website did migrate to the mobile website giving but 70% were an entirely new group of people. Based on this information, I genuinely believe that people were waiting for a mobile way to give from the church because that is convenient for them. They wanted to access and support the ministry via their mobile device, so when the ministry provided that, they in turned gave.

Now, let’s look at how to take this further, the church that we are talking about has a mobile website but they do not have a mobile app or SMS giving options. This is where they can improve upon their current mobile offerings and provide more ways for people to support the ministry. Does your ministry provide mobile donations?

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