Can ministry be done on Linkedin?

Can ministry be done on Linkedin? That is a great question. I have been looking on Linkedin for quite a while and I have only seen a handful of churches on there. Now I know that Linkedin is a professional network and it is all about business, so I believe that there needs to be some kingdom business conducted on there. That’s the most important business I know, thus Linkedin could be used in that manner.
It's not the content that needs to be changed, it's the presentation. If Linkedin is considered a professional network, then present the church's content in a professional manner. This way the message is not lost at all, it’s just packaged in a way that the people can receive it. This is very similar to the numerous varieties of churches we have in existence, some people go to small churches, some go to large megachurches and some only want to go online. No matter where people go, the important part is that they get fed the life changing gospel.
With that being stated there are two things that Linkedin could initially be used for by churches, number one is employment postings and number two is to reaching professionals for ministry. Now let’s get specific, since Linkedin is a great job posting social network, the church can post jobs there to attract great talent to the ministry. Next, there is the option to post status updates on Linkedin, these status updates could be motivational words of encouragement or daily scriptures that people can read and start their day with. If the ministry has created a business profile on Linkedin and starts pushing out ministry content as well as ministry updates, the people that the ministry is connected to on Linkedin can keep up with the ministry as well as receive encouragement. Whatever content the ministry wants to provide on the network, can be presented. It just has to be packaged in a way that fits the network and will be received by the masses.