@ATT #InspiredMobility is gearing up again starting with @BloggingWhileBrown

caston_inspired_mobility_storyLast year I was the spokesperson and expert consultant for AT&T’s Inspired Mobility campaign. It was a great experience for two reasons, 1. I got to go to Harlem, NY and kickoff the campaign at Blogging While Brown by giving a keynote and doing a panel with Chip Dizard, Tiffani Robinson and Michelle Smith. 2. I continue to get excited about the evolving space of Faith and Technology, I have written numerous iChurch Method books that cater to this space and to see a corporation like AT&T get involved is a great thing. Well, it’s time to start the campaign up again and this year we are kicking it off at Blogging While Brown in Austin, TX. But it gets even better, this year we have included some great people who use the digital space to advance their careers and impact. People such as Devon Franklin, Lecrae, Valorie Burton and James Andrews. Here is some information about the Inspired Mobility campaign.

Blogging While Brown

  • AT&T is a sponsor of the 2015 Blogging While Brown conference, a premier conference that supports African American bloggers across the country.
  • The sponsorship includes a partnership with a set of influential bloggers who will be reporting and sharing social content from all 2015 Inspired Mobility activities.

Google+ Hangouts

  • To continue the 2015 conversation with key influencers and thought-leaders, AT&T will host three Google+ Hangouts in collaboration with church and technology expert, Jason Caston
  • Each Hangout will feature a different topic around technology and inspiration

Social Media Sunday

  • This year, AT&T is hosting a day for people across the country to use their mobile devices to share words and visuals of hope and inspiration
  • Whether sharing quotes from a church service, or selfies from a peaceful moment on the lake, AT&T and its partners encourage people to participate in a nationwide conversation using the hashtag, #InspiredMobility

I am looking forward to participating in this great campaign and showcasing how we showcase our faith and inspiration using mobile technologies.