YouTube Is Still on the Rise

You don't need to take our word for it, just look at any of the latest reports, studies or articles about the future of marketing and you see one word over and over again - video. However, along with that word you tend to see another - YouTube. Content is king, to be sure, but a YouTube video does double or triple duty as it can boost your SEO results, help you appear at the top of any SERPs, and be used for almost any purpose. Need to provide a tutorial? Make a YouTube video, but don't just leave it at that. As one article in The Guardian explained, "Video is taking content marketing by storm, but you'll have to do more than just make one to realize its full potential." That's a good thing too, because as the title of this article mentioned - the site is still on the rise.

The Quick Rundown

YouTube has over one billion views daily, and more than 300 hours of video are uploaded every single minute. Roughly half of the views are via mobile devices, and the most dominant demographic group (millennials) swear by a YouTube video when they want to learn more about anything, find a review, or enjoy some entertainment easily and for free.

Cisco has determined that within the next two years (by 2017) around 69% of all consumer Internet traffic will be video or video-on-demand.

What all of those statistics say is that everyone from individuals and small businesses to organizations and global corporations needs to include video in their Internet marketing strategies. While figuring out how to integrate it varies widely by your goal and mission, simply having video content guarantees your audience will use it.

Video is more engaging, but also a preferred consumer medium. One minute of video, according to some researchers, is worth roughly 1.8 million printed words of marketing language. And it no longer takes a degree in film studies and technology to create good content that you can make available online.

The Use of Video

The world has seen so many videos become viral videos, and we all know that there is no formula that can ensure something explodes across the web. However, there is one thing that can maximize the reach, and that is the use of YouTube for your content.

The site currently makes it remarkably easy for account holders to post their videos, tag them heavily with the best keywords, give them titles and descriptions that work in favor of SEO, and Google natively includes the site's videos in any search results. The ability to easily share to such social media as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and a score of other sites, embed it into a website, or share via email ensures that a well made video gets maximum mileage. The mobility of the site, which is easily used on any tablet or phone, also increases its viability as a major marketing channel and tool.

If you are looking for a single site to leverage your marketing energy, it is to YouTube where you should turn your attention. The site has grown tremendously, and is not showing signs of slowdown. In fact, it seems to be increasing over time. Your audience may not say it, but they prefer video content, and it is important to be sure that it is a major element in your marketing plan. If you have not yet explored this opportunity, today is the day to do so.

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