The iChurch Method TV - Ep 1 - Where did The iChurch Method Come From?

Continuing The iChurch Method TV series, here is the transcript from the video above.

This idea came from when I was out working at [unnamed church] and they decided to let me know that they needed me to revamp the entire online presence. So, I looked at five key areas that I thought could really help them out; those were websites, multimedia, eCommerce, social media, and mobile. I started to notice that these five areas were not only key to them but were key to any type of ministry.

When I transitioned from that ministry out to Dallas, I implemented this method and I saw enormous results and then I realized that I might actually have something here. So, with those five key areas I put it all together in a book and that’s what we’re talking about here today. I would advise that initially once you purchase the book and start reading through it and get familiar with it, then you start looking for probably two to three people. First I would look for somebody like a volunteer or somebody you trust to do social media. If not, then get versed in social media yourself.

Secondly, you need to look at somebody who is a web developer. Again, the iChurch Method gives you the strategies that a web developer should use so that you can have a coherent conversation with the technically savvy person and not let them take advantage of you.

The third person I would look for would be some type of financial person or something like that because you’re going to have to look at online donations and possibly setting up an online store and you want to make sure that your finances are well taken care of. This may be the pastor himself or maybe an accountant or something. But, when you start generating finances for nonprofits then we get into a whole other arena that needs to be addressed legally as well as technically. So, those are the people I would start off with.

[After reading the book] you should be able to understand how to effectively advance your ministry online. You should be able to know how to set up a digital ministry. If you desire, you can go and do it yourself. But, if you do not then you’ll be able to have a good conversation and identify the people who can go and do this for you.