The iChurch Method at Universities

The focus of The iChurch Method was to educate and inform churches how to better use technology and advance their ministry online. What I didn’t foresee was the academic environments that The iChurch Method could be utilized in. I didn’t foresee Christian Universities using The iChurch Method in their curriculums to help educate their students on how technology can be (and is being) used in ministry. Here are two great universities that have utilized The iChurch in their curriculums.

Biola University - Digital Ministry Seminar Summer Course - Prof. David T Bourgeois
Abilene Christian University - Christian Ministry in Digital Culture - Dr. John Weaver

The benefits of introducing students to The iChurch Method in college as well as how real life churches are using technology is that we are able prepare students to help advance ministries technologically as soon as they come out of school, instead of them going to corporate america and then eventually coming to work for the church. This would give churches access to more individuals with technical skills that are ready to help advance the kingdom online.