The iChurch Method TV - Ep. 2 - Social Media usage by Pastors

Continuing The iChurch Method TV series, here is the transcript from the video above.

A lot of churches are basically personality driven. A lot of the churches that I’ve dealt with are personality driven; the pastor is the face of the ministry. So, I let them know that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, if you decide you want to be accessible via Twitter then also understand that your life is going to be one continual show for people that want access and availability for you. Once they get that, they understand that there are things that they want to let people in on in their lives and there are times when they just have to disconnect from social media.

So, I want them to be social and understand that it’s not just a one-way street where they’re constantly broadcasting to people and talking at people not responding, but they also have to understand there are limitations to social media and how much access they give people to their lives.

Let’s say the pastor decided they didn’t want to be accessible via social media because they don’t want stuff like that. The conversation is going to happen whether they participate or not. So, as you stated earlier where people are outside with their phones recording and taking snapshots, they’re going to have the conversation about you. Some pastors have PR people and some pastors can be genuinely truthful and speak about the situation and kind of guide that conversation, some pastors will just try and disconnect and hope the conversation will go away, but it won’t. So, it’s better that they can help address that and give some truth to the situation, otherwise the internet will create its own truth, and you don’t want that.