Social Media Made Easy for Small Businesses by @JayKranda

bookcoverimagetry32In June 2014 I was able to get my hands on a copy of Jay Kranda's new book Social Media Made Easy for Small Business. I wanted to review the book and give my input on it for two main reasons, 1. I am always interested in reading people's perspective on social media and 2. I wanted to know what would distinguish this book from the other social media books I had read. Here are the main things I liked about this book - This book has a component that speaks to creating a business that is more than a profit machine. While I like to make money with my business ventures, I think impacting people and affecting positive change is a greater cause and Jay mentions how Social Media can help in that goal.

- This was a great excerpt "The secret to social media is to treat others on your social media channels, as you want to be treated. It’s that simple. If you want people to be nice then be nice to your social media connections. If you want people to read your posts, then read your communities’ posts and hit like to let them know their content was great. Invest in others and become known as someone who cares about others."

- The book speaks about making goals for your business and for social media. This is a great piece of advice because too many people just throw things at the wall and hope they stick, but Jay gives clear cut steps on how to get started on social media.

- Next, Jay breaks down how to get started on each platform, that's very important because in addition to giving a clear cut strategy with steps, he gives the platforms to use and how to use them. I think this will help any beginner get going.

Overall, I think this is a solid book for business owners who are just starting out on social media and need a great how-to guide. You can get your copy here for the great price of $2.99.