Mobile Media is Important

Mobile Multi-MediaThe fastest growing platform for video consumption is mobile. Watching short-form videos, live streams, TV shows, and all kinds of digital video has increased ten-fold on mobile devices. With the widespread increase of Wi-Fi and faster mobile Internet speeds, we are seeing video creation and consumption explode. We have seen this first hand at The Potter’s House, where our weekly rebroadcast has increased 70% - 80% due to people now connecting and watching our services from their mobile devices. Additionally, our live streaming services are now split 50/50 with people watching from mobile and desktop devices. This trend is only going to increase because people want to connect with the ministry on their time from a convenient device. Staying connected on-the-go is beneficial to the online audience, and making the ministry content accessible to people on-the-go is beneficial to the ministry. Studies show that we are never more than 3 feet away from our mobile devices. Thus, we believe by bringing ministry content to mobile devices, we are taking church beyond the walls and to the people.

Another aspect of our digital multimedia strategy is our short-form media approach for our app and Social Media platforms. Since The Potter’s House has archived video that’s accessible on-demand like Netflix, we don’t mind keeping our weekly TV show to 30 minutes in length. Though we still distribute our 30-minute TV show via YouTube, Facebook, and our mobile app, we try to keep most of our smaller videos limited to the length of 2 minutes. We find that people like short videos that get right to the point and provide value to their lives in the short amount of time they are able to give us at any particular moment.

Video-capable social networks, such as Vine (6 seconds), Twitter (30 seconds), Instagram (15 seconds), Snapchat (10 seconds) and Facebook (20 minutes), have put limits on their videos, and this has led to increased viewing of these videos. But, let’s not count out YouTube’s unlimited video length and the BILLIONS of viewers their videos have. The overall point is that, no matter the length, videos have become the most engaging form of content and Mobile consumption will continue to increase.

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