Is Your Ministry Website Ready for Mobile?

The future is mobile, a great iChurch should be accessible to anyone, from anywhere, anytime and anyplace. No longer are Internet users limited to computers plugged into their Internet connection at home or work. Folks are now mobile, on the move, all day long. This year, more smartphones, tablets and mobile devices are being released than any other prior year. As you are reading this, the transition from desktop/laptop computer users to mobile users is happening very quickly. In fact, recently for the first time since Facebook was launched in 2006, more users accessed their Facebook page via their mobile device then their desktops. This means that to reach all these users, your ministry must appear on mobile phones. When someone searches for God or Hope or Help from any device, your church needs to be there to answer them even if they are searching on a mobile device. With the mobile iChurch, you can do it.

I want to take a moment and tell you a couple of stories. This first one has to do with people in Africa living in very rural areas. These folks have cell phones that they charge up on car batteries. Even though their screens are low resolution, they can still visit the websites of churches and attend service with them, watch inspiring videos and receive the Good News. Their hunger for Jesus pushes them to find ways to reach Him.

Now imagine that “someone” who lives in your city, types into their smartphone “Is God real?” They see your iChurch on the search rankings and click on your website. Perhaps they send a text or email. Your staff instantly receives this inquiry at 8:30 p.m. and responds with an uplifting message directing them to a church service for more help. It happens every day.

How do get you there? First, you need a strategy. There needs to be a vision for the mobile presence of a ministry and how it will further the ministry. Let's look at the options your mobile iChurch has available.

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