How to Make Your Social Media Posts Shareable and Interactive

Social-Media-MarketingFirst and foremost, let me reiterate, when you post content through your networks, make sure you optimize it for interaction and sharing. Call to Action - When you share content, provide a call to action such as asking to like, comment, share or retweet this. Calls to action let people feel like they are participating with the organization. When your organization posts something that is engaging and moves someone to action, they make a conscious decision to participate in your social media marketing. This is the power of social networking and as your organization reciprocates that communication and engagement, the online relationship becomes deeper and those fans become self-proclaimed brand advocates and marketers. Make sure in your posts you put a call to action and allow people to participate in your social media campaigns with you.

Ask Questions – As you build your social media audience, “crowd-source” things you need to know by asking your online audience what they think. Ask them questions about your brand, current topics, new products and other things that will give your organization pertinent information to help build your business. Marketing companies pay focus groups money for information that you can get for FREE by using your social media networks. Another great reason to ask your online audience questions is that you can get immediate responses from REAL CUSTOMERS about your business and that information is always valuable.

Keep the Multimedia coming – I have spoken on this subject already but I want to say it again: pictures, photos, images, graphics and videos are the most engaging types of content for social media networks. There are entire networks built around photos and videos so make sure your brand has multimedia content in addition to text based content that you can push out to your networks and engage your audience.