Facebook and Spirituality

I was reading Allfacebook.com and found this great article at http://www.allfacebook.com/8-reasons-why-facebook-brings-out-spirituality-2011-04, this is a great article by Ruth Manuel-Logan on Facebook and Spirituality.  The reason is that I have heard Christians, Jews, Muslims, Atheists, Agnostics, Catholics and a variety of other groups refer to Facebook as a negative or positive aspect of their spirituality.  Now in my opinion, Facebook is exactly what you make it to be, if you want it to be the best evangelizing tool ever created, then it is that.  If you feel Facebook is the devil, then that is exactly what it is.  Facebook is simply whatever you want it to be.

I use Facebook to express my spirituality as well as help ministries further their mission to proclaim the gospel.  They attract people that want to support this mission and thus Facebook is a way to reach millions all over the world.  If I wanted Facebook to be something else and I started to use it as such, then it would become that.  So overall, in my opinion, Facebook is nothing more then a website that has the capability to become something great, a great way to accomplish great things, or a great way to engage in bad things, but either way, Facebook is something great. Here is the article.

8 Reasons Why Facebook Brings Out Spirituality

There are an increasing number of ministries, religious nonprofits, houses of worship, clergy and small-group ministries that now routinely maintain accounts on Facebook.

Some even claim that their interpersonal relationship with their deity of choice has even deepened via this social network and are touting it, not only as a way to gain new followers but to maintain an open line of constant communication with a higher power.

Below are eight reasons why Facebook can bring out spirituality.

1. Get Well Postings - When loved ones are stricken with an illness, it’s comforting to receive transmitted prayer concerns rapidly via Facebook.

2. Heralding The Good Word - It’s been said that nothing can replace the joy and lasting value of sharing your spiritual journey with the open ears and hearts of other users.

3. Discussions Of Scriptures - Many people have found that participating in an online community provides them with a safe place to freely express themselves religiously.

4. Open Exchange Of Doctrines - Social networks also possess the ability to affirm your belief system by commingling with like minds in a non-judgemental zone.

5. Goal Setting - Your online persona can be an inspirational reflection and Facebook can act as a kind of stepping stone towards becoming the person you’d like to be.

6. Food For The Soul - Although social networking is a kind of mediated experience, you can feed your spiritual soul amid the floods of biblical passages, spiritual quotes or evites to upcoming religious events.

7. Accept Other Belief Systems - Facebook allows you to also migrate into other forms of spiritual consciousness that is ideologically different than yours.

8. Start Self Reflecting - Researchers have stated that social media can lead you to become more more inward looking which enhances spiritual progression.