Church Automated Calling Systems [Sponsored]

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Communication with your entire congregation is essential to keeping your congregation growing & active. DialMyCalls' automated system makes calling everyone a breeze.

Strong Church Leadership Starts with Effective Communication Even for a church, things don’t always go quite the way they were planned. Event times get changed thanks to weather, unforeseen conflicts cause sudden cancellations of special events, and broken water pipes could cause Sunday mass to have to be held elsewhere. Like any organization, a church needs a way to get in touch with its congregation quickly in the event of an emergency.

Keep Your Congregation Informed It is the responsibility of the pastor and his administrative staff to ensure that the congregation is informed of any sudden changes in plans. You are already busy though, working on ways to remedy the problem or maybe trying to secure a secondary location to hold your event. Treat any change in plans as an emergency and send a quick broadcast voice message to your community, letting them know what has happened and the alternate plan, if any.

Update Them as Necessary At the last minute, the local high school realized that it had offered you use of the stage for your yearly Christmas pageant when it already been promised to another group. Thanks to DialMyCalls, your congregation knows not to head over there. Once you confirm that the junior high is going to let you use their stage, you can take advantage of DialMyCalls again to let your church members know where they should now assemble. It is quick and effective at helping you manage last minute changes to your church's schedule.

Weather Advisory A good portion of your church's events are planned for outside, such as baseball leagues, fundraising carnivals, and picnics. These events are directly affected by sudden storms making you an unofficial weather man in the hours leading up to them. Send participants periodic text messages keeping them updated on the status of your event and any alternate solutions you have in the event of rain or snow.

Emergency Alert As a church leader, you offer more than spiritual guidance. Your community looks to you in times of trouble to offer a peaceful yet powerful presence in those frightening hours and days following an emergency. If you do have the benefit of some notice, like with a hurricane, work out plans for shelter and supplies and send advice to your community on how to safely ride out the storm.

In the aftermath of a major emergency, people may need alternate shelter, clean drinking water, and medical assistance. Use text messaging to broadcast details on where they can go and how to get there safely. The two-way text messaging offered by DialMyCalls is a fantastic option under these circumstances as it allows those who are in dire need to let you know immediately by responding back to your message.

Being in charge of an active church community is a rewarding experience that does involve a lot of juggling on your part. Help yourself and your community by taking advantage of every means possible to relay important messages effectively.