How Can a Small Organization Establish a Large Social Media Following?

“We are just a small organization, One Million fans seems unattainable.” I cannot count how many times I have heard this statement. Yes, I do agree that One Million social media fans is a lofty goal and the truth is we were not aiming for that number when we started at our organization. Our goal was to provide a good mix of “social” and “media.” We wanted to make sure we were “social” and interacted with our online users while providing “media” through a steady flow of high quality content from our organization. But trust me, this goal is attainable. Later in this book I will give you specifics on “what to post,” “what times to post” and “what types of content” to post. Those specific strategies will help you learn how to build your audience and increase interaction and reach One Million fans.

Another key step in building your social media following is to integrate your social media with your offline marketing. I will discuss this later but here are some examples:

• Adding social media sharing features to your website and allowing people to share with their social media networks. • Adding social media follow icons to your website and high traffic webpages. This allows people to follow your organization from the pages they visit often. • Adding social media to all of your marketing materials (fliers, ads, print publications and anything that your organization puts out). • Have the CEO/Pastor buy in and use social media, as well as employees. Make social media a significant part of the online marketing strategy. • If you have online video, add #hashtags and @twittername to the broadcast so people can communicate with their social network about what they are watching online or on TV.

No organization starts out with a large online following. We all start with a few and have to work our way up…or do we?

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