Blogging While Brown

Bq8E09_CEAEQqFI This weekend I will be at “Blogging While Brown” as a speaker and attendee. My presentation is the closing slot where I am on a panel with Tiffani Robinson (@JanCynCo), Chip Dizard (@ChipDizard) and L. Michelle Smith (LMichellePR), we will be discussin Faith in a Mobile World. Before I get into my expectations of the conference, here is a short description of the conference from

Blogging While Brown is more than a conference, it is a community - an incubator of creativity, collaboration and sustainability for emerging leaders in digital media and social change. We've been around since 2007 and our evolution has mirrored the explosion of social media's impact in our daily lives.

I have already started meeting people online via Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #BWBNYC and based on my early interactions, they are a passionate group of fun bloggers. As I researched how to present my topic at Blogging While Brown, I watched numerous YouTube videos about the 2013 conference. The vibe I got was a very informative laid back conference where people networked, learned from each other, helped each other and enjoyed interacting at this conference as well as online.

Overall, I am looking forward to a great experience, meeting many new people and presenting a great topic on my area of expertise. And of course I am very grateful for ATT and Flowers Communication Group for this opportunity.