A Brilliant Facebook Content Strategy

I came across an amazing blog post from Genae Girard - http://optimizationsummits.com/new-media/hiccup-your-way-past-competitors-on-facebook/. This blog post was about what content should be used to engage and interact with Facebook fans (and twitter). The blog post is located below.

The key points of the blog and how it can help ministries reach people online are as follows:

  • Make sure to use a rich mix of information, education, humor and fun.

  • Humor allows your audience to come away with a warm fuzzy feeling and friendly attachment to your message.

  • Interactive Questions/Polls - The purpose here is to begin the conversation and let people create a community buzz.

  • Content - If you don't provide a myriad of interesting topics that are relevant and current, then customers just simply go away. Clicking "unlike" on Facebook is just as easy as clicking "like".

  • Current Events - If your content isn't relevant to the current times then you won't reach the current generation. Make sure your content helps reach the old and the young, we have a message that is timeless so apply it to today's issues and let them know that the solution is Jesus no matter what!!

  • Promos and Specials - Mentions specials, promotions, new products, events, ministries and services. Make sure you run creative promotions and contests that will keep the attention of your online audience.

Overall, with the right amount of relevant and enriching content, a Facebook page can be a great tool for ministry and helping reach people across the globe.