What Are Your Moments That Matter? #ATT28Days

There are numerous stories and people behind iconic images and moments in African-American history.  To tell the story of all of them would take a lifetime but for the next 28 days, AT&T has challenged all of us to investigate moments that matter in Black History.  In addition to Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and other names we hear referenced often during February, we should look into the stories that are not often mentioned and learn how vast African-American history is and the many people that have played a significant part in shaping our history. On the AT&T 28 Days website there are numerous moments that you can check out as well as interact with throughout the month of February. Here is my favorite moment from the AT&T 28 Days Website.

The cast of 'The Wiz' (L-R Michael Jackson, Nipsey Russell, Diana Ross and Ted Ross) pose for a publicity shot

Partnering with AT&T on the 28 Days Program

There are quite a few reasons that I am excited to partner with AT&T on the 28 days program. First, the highlight of Black innovators, creatives and activists sharing the tools, tips and hard-won lessons they rely on to do the exceptional resonates with me and my journey to becoming the person that I am today. Second, I look forward to telling my story with words, video and pictures of how I was able to help churches, especially African American churches, overcome the technology barriers and better utilize digital platforms to reach the masses. Third, I look forward to telling the story behind how I developed The iChurch Method while working with some of the largest African American churches in the world and being able to teach this methodology at an international conference in Dubai to a gathering of churches from around the world. Lastly, I am looking forward to encouraging all of you to participate in the AT&T 28 Days Program and we all share our moments that matter together.


About the Program:

"Now in its eighth year, AT&T 28 Days is a project close to all of our hearts at AT&T. We're proud to put a special focus on celebrating how African-Americans have impacted our culture and highlighting those we believe will have an impact in the future. Our century-long history of innovation is a story about people from all walks of life and all kinds of backgrounds coming together to improve the human condition. When you look through our Moments that Matter visual album, you will see many images that speak directly to that heritage of diversity at AT&T. But celebrating our history is just part of what 28 Days is about. We also want to shed light on the people, tools, and resources within the African-American community supporting constructive change across the globe. To that end, we asked modern-day, black pioneers to share how they navigate through a world moving at the pace of technology and innovation." ~ Jennifer L. Jones, Vice President of Diverse Markets at AT&T Mobility (Read more at http://28days.att.com/about)


AT&T 28 Days Contest - Participate and Enter for a Chance to Win

Now here’s the fun part where you all get a chance to participate in this with me! AT&T 28 Days invites you to celebrate black history month by sharing your moments that matter. Share your moments that matter for a chance to win a tech makeover prize pack of Samsung® products!




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