Let's Talk Church Tech - Part 2

We are always looking at the ever-changing landscape of technology, and we see some great things on the horizon for Church, Tech and future iChurch Books. Click Here for Part 1

  • Wearables - Wearables are web-enabled devices that we wear on our bodies (like VR headsets). Google Glass released their web-enabled glasses, but I believe they were ahead of their time and were not adopted by the masses (that and the $1500 price tag). Apple and Google have shown us how Smart Watches are the first, significant step towards implementing the new genre of wearable Internet connected devices. Churches have a unique opportunity to take their message to these wearables by creating small content that can be consumed on-the-go. Things such as daily devotionals, quick inspirational video clips, and audio sermons are great examples. As the wearables market continues to grow, the church will continue to find new ways to take ministry to the masses online.
  • Online Learning - Online Learning continues to grow and become a great source for people looking to increase their knowledge and skills in a variety of areas. With Learning Management Systems (LMS) increasing in capability and decreasing in the technical set-up barriers, more and more organizations can implement their own Online Learning platforms. Also, with sites like Udemy.com, Udacity.com, and Linda.com, there are cloud-based platforms that are giving organizations places to upload their learning content and have it organized into an innovative learning environment.
  • Geolocation - With the rise of the Internet of things, Apple iBeacon and Google’s geo-features, we will continue to see our mobile devices interact and react to our locations and the things around us. From alerts that will popup based on our location, to eCoupons that will arrive when we walk into stores, we will see geolocation play a major role in our daily lives. The lines between offline and online will continue to blur, and geolocation will play a major role in this transition. We will continue to see opportunities where our offline activities impact us online and our online influence have offline rewards.

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