#InspiredMobility in 2016 at #BWBDC


It’s that time again and I am looking forward to stepping back into my role as a spokesperson for AT&T’s Inspired Mobility campaign. Inspired Mobility has continued to grow and it has been quite a pleasure to watch it evolve from the announcement at Blogging While Brown in 2014 to what it is today.  In 2014 I had a panel of church communicators which included myself, Tiffani Robinson and Chip Dizard. In 2015, I had a chat with grammy winning artist Lecrae about his use of technology and how he inspires and Rev Run was added to the campaign.


Let’s recap a bit for those who may not be familiar with what has occurred, AT&T began the Inspired Mobility conversation, by looking into the increasing acceptance of device use in houses of worship. Next, AT&T revealed how people of faith were using mobility to stay connected to what inspires them whether they attend a house of worship or not, which by the way, African Americans lead the way in these activities. In 2016, the dialogue moves forward to explore the many ways people are using their devices to enrich themselves and the lives of others no matter where they are.


This conversation will kick off in D.C. this year at the 2016 Blogging While Brown conference. Here are the details.


AT&T Inspired Mobility: Enabling good. Activating Everywhere


AT&T has teamed with faith and mobility expert Jason Caston to host a casual session to discuss how people are using mobility to inspire themselves, others and the masses.  As an evolution of the #InspiredMobility conversation, we'll take a look at how mobile technology is enabling people to connect with positive content that can enrich lives.  Ever been accused of "not being present," checking work e-mails or playing games on your device, when you were actually engaged in something more positive and enriching? AT&T invites conference attendees to join in this open discussion about how positive and inspirational interactions are happening more often than you think.  This conversation is for everyone, so pick up your device for a change and join us.

Moderators: Jason Caston (iChurch Method) and L. Michelle Smith (AT&T)


Hope to see you there!!